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Monday 24th of June 2019


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Savanna Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical wholesale company that started operating in 2006. We supply and deliver both branded and generic pharmaceutical products for individual and corporate requirements in the SADC region. Savanna Pharmaceuticals has the experience and capacity to deliver the most effective and efficient products for both public and private sectors. Our services are geared to bring together our expertise and our clients’ requirements to synergistically deliver the best available products whilst striking a balance on financial and efficiency considerations.In essence the product clusters at Savanna ensure that we meet all our clients’ general and specialized requirements.

Our mission :

The purpose of Savanna Pharmaceuticals is to honourably serve the needs of the community by providing products and services of a superior quality at a fair price to our customer, to do this so as to earn adequeate profit which is required for the total enterprise to grow and by doing so, providing the opportunity for our employees and shareholders to achieve their personal objectives.

Our vision:


We see ourselves as the leading pharmaceutical provider of branded products and services in speciality areas in the sub saharian region



Our modus operandi:



To engage our clients and co-elicit their requierements so as to ensure that our services and expertise will effectively meet their needs



 We take time to get to know our clients and tailor make our response so that we meet both said and unsaid needs



Commit to product delivery through an agreed approach



Working hand in hand with our clients to relate to their experience and create long term solutions and deliver products according to the SMART principle