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Monday 24th of June 2019


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Our Product portfolio


Our product portfolio is designed in a way that tailor makes our services to avail to any other product ranges that do not fall under the provided ranges. The major categories we cater for are listed below.


In order to satisfy our members and partners, we have stocked a wide range of high quality products that we are offering at competitive prices. We have the capacity to supply our retail clients with all their pharmaceutical requirements in an efficient manner.




  • vaccines
  • Hospital consumables
  • Over the counter medicines
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  • Injectables
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Our product ranges are as follows :

  • Anti-hypertensives

  • Anti-diabetic medicines

  • Antiemetics

  • Anti-allergens

  • Injectables

  • Over the counter (OTC)medicines

  • Anti – malarials

  • Anti-biotics

  • Anti-fungals

  • Anti-Retro Virals

  • Anti-acids

  • Anti-histamine

  • Anti-malarials

  • Anti-coagulants

  • Anti-neoplastic drugs

  • Anti-retroviral therapy drugs



We also provide the following categories for vaccines:

  • Anti-tetanus

  • Yellow Fever

  • Influenza

  • Hepatitis Vaccines

  • Meningitis Vaccines

  • Measles

  • Mumps

  • Rubella  Vaccines

  More products

  • Disease specific immunoglobins

  • Neuro-muscular blocking drugs

  • Fibrinolytic drugs

  • Oropharyngeal anti-infective drugs

  • Corticosteroids and anti-inflamatory preparations

  • Hormone antagonists

  • Immuno modulating drugs

  • Disinfectants
  • Baby Products
  • Cytotoxic drugs



Other Products


Under this category we adjust our services to make available any other products that do not fall under the above ranges. These categories ensure that we increase our reliability and satisfy our clients.

Note: We supply and deliver all our products on a same day basis nationwide.


In addition to Cancer medicines, we strive to source other special Pharmaceutical requirements for our clients. We have systems in place to ensure that the  needs of the patient are met even for the rarest of conditions. Out product portfolio covers other specialist areas such as urology, Haemophilios , toxicology and Immunology.


Sundries And Equipment

  • Hospital Consumables

  • Biopsy Instruments

  • Bard Product range


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